Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Panda robot to play host at Expo 2020 Dubai

A panda robot will host visitors in the China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, which starts next month.

The 1.3-meter-tall, 63-kilogram robot called You You made its debut at the 2021 World Robot Conference in Beijing on Friday.

It demonstrates how Chinese traditional culture has emerged in the new information era, said the robot developer UBtech.

You You is an ambassador of peace and friendship, and will serve as a guide to the China Pavilion. The pavilion will feature smart agriculture and environmentally responsible products and solutions that align with green development the country has long advocated. The robot can guide visitors, dance, run, draw pictures and perform feats like Chinese kung fu.

The panda robot is a customized version of Walker X, China’s first large-scale humanoid service robot released in Shanghai at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in July.

With six AI technologies and eight core functions, Walker X has functions like playing chess, compliant force-controlled massage, visual positioning navigation, fast walking, single-leg balance and walking on uneven ground, the company said during the WAIC event.

With full-link voice interaction, You You can do jobs such as serving tea, pouring water, making deliveries, watering flowers, wiping tables and controlling home appliances like refrigerators and vacuum cleaners.

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