Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Orchestral music specially for «Dubai Expo» at the pavilion of the Sultanate of Oman


A global musical journey in an Omani spirit, which can be enjoyed today in the Sultanate’s pavilion theater in the mobility area of ​​“Expo 2020 Dubai”, led by musicians from the brotherly country, especially for the international exhibition, by composing an orchestral piece inspired by the elements of the ancient frankincense tree, and its historical connection to the human being and the Omani legacy that formed Some of the most important pillars of his identity.

The elements of the new orchestral piece called “The Legend of Wadi Hojer” were written in Amman to tell, with music and melody, the story of the land and the people, whose authors mixed it with the language of culture and art to devote a new and inspiring creative experience in the Amman pavilion, which tells through a number of visual, reading and audio experiences to the world. The success story of the Sultanate, through the experience of transporting the visitor on a fun and educational journey that spans three different eras, namely the past, the present and the future that the Sultanate aspires to.

Ziyad Al-Harbi, the author of the new musical work, introducing the piece to the guest audience, said: “From the inspiration of the ancient frankincense tree, which stretches between the east and west of the earth, we were inspired by this musical work.

And we present to your ears the orchestral piece (The Legend of Wadi Hojar), written by Ziad Al-Harbi and produced by Nibras Al-Malani.

The Sultanate’s pavilion is filled with interactive experiences designed to introduce the history, culture, geography and cultural heritage of this country stretching through time.

Its interconnected galleries also showcase some of the most prominent developmental achievements of the Sultanate of Oman at all levels, while its design from the outside bears the shape of the famous frankincense tree that characterizes the land, with a distinctive modern style inspired by this natural icon of the Sultanate, while the pavilion is divided to simulate its life cycle, through Its five sections corresponding to the titles


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