Orange-flavoured Twirls and Flakes are now available in the UAE – but for how long?


Chocolate and orange has to be one of the all-time best sweet flavour combinations – with possible competition from chocolate and mint, or peanut butter and jelly (jam).

So when Cadbury launched an orange-flavoured variety of the popular Twirl chocolate in the UK in 2019, it was a major success, unsurprisingly.

The special-edition chocolate bar sold out quickly, and manufacturers struggled to keep up with demand. At the time, it did not make its way to the UAE, unless the odd bar was packed in a suitcase and kindly gifted by a friend or family member.

Orange-flavoured Twirl is on sale in the UAE for Dh10. Courtesy Spinneys 
Orange-flavoured Twirl is currently on sale in the UAE for Dh10. Courtesy Spinneys

Fast forward a year, the chocolate bar was re-released in the UK in September. And in February, it hit the shelves of UAE supermarkets. It is currently available at Spinneys and Waitrose for Dh10 for a 43g bar and is labelled as limited edition.

However, it has competition!

At the end of 2020, Cadbury, and its parent company Mondelez International, launched the orange and coconut-flavoured Flake Dipped in the GCC. Much like a Twirl, they’re flakey chocolate dipped into solid chocolate.

At Dh3 for a 32g bar, they are more affordable than the orange-flavoured Twirl. However, they’re not necessarily sticking around forever, either.

The two flavours have now been pit against each other and it will come down to customers to decide which flavour of the Flake Dipped stays on shelves. The battle is being fought out on Instagram at @FlakeArabia.

Available at a wider range of supermarkets, the coconut flavour was available in most of the UAE supermarkets The National checked, including Spinneys, Choithrams, aswaaq, Circle K and is widely available on InstaShop in Dubai.

However, the orange flavour was not spotted on any supermarket shelves, nor on InstaShop. It is available to order on costing Dh32 for a box of 12, making them Dh2.75 per bar.

“We are expanding our portfolio by providing unique experiences and a broad range of product offerings to our consumers. We are confident that our latest launch is a testament to our endeavour,” says Prasanna Raghuraman, Mondelez International category manager of chocolate and biscuits in the Middle East.

Mondelez has not announced when the competition is set to end, commenting only that a “special announcement [will be made] on the brand’s Instagram page in the next few weeks”.

Updated: March 3, 2021 04:59 PM