Friday, October 22, 2021

Nigeria proudly plays Afrobeats at Dubai Expo

A virtual journey with audio and video to follow inspiring arts

  • The pavilion displays examples of works that attract the interest of art lovers.

    Photography: Ashok Verma


Nigeria proudly plays in its pavilion at “Expo Dubai 2020” its authentic African melodies, by displaying its musical and cultural history, enabling visitors to travel through a virtual journey with sound and image, to enjoy following contemporary art, inspiring fashion, and “afrobeats” music, which was created by Villa Kuti, and King Sunny, and caused a musical revolution that spread to most countries of the world.

The creative industry in Nigeria is a source of inspiration, everything in this country, from music to film and fashion, continues to break the horizon, and this is what makes the creative industry in this country second among the largest industries, providing thousands of jobs.

In the Music Zone, Nigeria showcases the music of “Afrobeats”, which revolutionized the way great musicians walked, conveying it to their audience and attracting the largest music record companies in the world to cooperate with them, as Nigeria is the headquarters of major international companies in the field of music production.

Nigeria connects one fabric of cultures, colours, rhythms, dance and drama, and is characterized by its diverse and deep character. They received global attention, and their designs were worn by international personalities such as the former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

The creativity in the pavilion does not stop at fashion and music, but extends to contemporary art that the world has been interested in, and this is evident in the sale of millions of pieces of art drawn and crafted by Nigerian artists at international auctions. The pavilion displays examples of works that attract the attention of art lovers.

The pavilion also accompanies its visitors to the famous “Akwa Ibom” dance, which is often performed by girls from the “Afic” tribe, as they swing from side to side to imitate the movement of waves in the ocean, in a scene that reflects the splendor of multi-colored clothes with attractive necklaces, elaborate hairstyles, and makeup For the gracefully moving faces of the dancers, embodying the vibrant rhythms of the tribe, and the “celebration of the mythical being who rules the sea”.

popular festivals

Folk festivals are part of the knowledge that the Nigeria Pavilion provides to visitors to Expo 2020 Dubai, as they can get acquainted closely with the “Ayo” festival, a celebration of the life cycle, in which masked people dance in white, and a group of performers from different societies are represented, to embody The old festival, which is held in the city of Lagos, the traditions held for the late leader and the celebration of the new king, and there is the “Durbar” festival, in which colors, music and horses permeate the city, as this festival dates back nearly 200 years, as it coincides with the end of the month of Ramadan.

Nigeria connects one tapestry of cultures, colours, rhythms, dance and drama.

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