Friday, October 22, 2021

New-born Rothschild’s giraffes to be released at the Al Ain Safari in Dubai

Giraffes of the Al Ain Zoo in Dubai are going to take the walk of happiness as they will be released in the largest man-made safari in the world—Al Ain Safari.

The two newborn Rothschild’s giraffes will make Al Ain Safari their new home along with the group of 12 other giraffes that are already existing at the 217-hectare park that is located in the emirate’s safari park near Jebel Hafeet.

A sub-species of the Northern Giraffe, the young Rothschild giraffes are on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s endangered red list.

The newly born giraffes receive special support from their animal care specialist to build a strong connection through a programme based on positive reinforcement and behavioural training.

When the giraffes are born, a few months later, the baby giraffes are weaned and ready to eat alongside their mothers. They then receive help in learning to feed independently by being introduced to different types of food by their animal care specialists. When the weather began to cool, the zoo started to gradually introduce them to the rest of the group.

Also, when they are born, the newborns are initially kept with their mothers, separate from other giraffes and the other African animals within the Safari. Soon after the whole process, the zoo prepares the young giraffes to be re-homed in the Safari area, where visitors can feed them and enjoy up-close interactions.

The Al Ain Zoo has been researching the various conservation, breeding and preservation of multiple endangered species, and returns some to their natural habitats.

The zoo is home to around 4,000 animals, with more than 200 species, some of which is a group of 11 rhinos, five males and six females, dedicated animal exhibit zones that replicate their natural African habitat etc.

Cover Image: Shutterstock

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