Saturday, September 18, 2021

Most Preferred Vehicle Brands in Kenya -Report

Japanese multinational automaker Toyota Tsusho’s brand has emerged as the most preferred one in the Kenyan market according to a new report by Sagaci Research. 

In the report dubbed “The race is on – BMW or Mercedes or Toyota”, the Toyota brand topped the list with a 72 per cent preference rate.

Subaru brand came second with 60 per cent while Mercedes Benz scooped third place with 52 per cent preference rating.

Another Japanese automaker, Honda, emerged fourth place and BMW rounded up the top five list with 46 per cent.

A 2019 Toyota Kenya

A Toyota Fortuner in the savannah on a unknown date.

Across Africa, Toyota was one of the most popular choices among respondents, indicating a stiff competition between Japanese and its German rivals.

“Toyota poses a real competition to its German rivals in certain parts of the continent, as well as highlighting interesting differences between demographic groups,” part of the report stated.

Countries majorly situated in West Africa preferred Toyota brand whereas South Africa and Cote d’Ivoire preferred German-made automobiles as opposed to Toyota. 

In regards to car ownership, Algeria’s population has the highest proportion of car owners with 43 per cent followed by South Africa at 37 per cent, ZImbabwe at 33 per cent and Namibia at 30 per cent. 

Sagaci Research Managing Director, Julien Garcier, affirmed that certain cultural norms and inequalities still caused a hindrance to car ownership for women and the lower classes.

“While in Europe, ownership of cars is slightly declining in favour of shared ownership or rental, car ownership still has a long way to go across the African continent and remains a distant dream for many. Some brands have figured this out and seem to be surfing the wave, but this changes rapidly,” he stated.

The report mainly provided insights into car ownership and preferences across Africa.

The findings mirrored recent data from the Kenya Motor Industry Association, whereby Toyota Kenya sold 1,352 brand new units in the first six months of the year 2021, making it the second highest brand new vehicle seller in the country after Isuzu. 

Car lovers and enthusiasts in Kenya tend to stick to a particular brand based on key preferences whereby some gravitate towards the brand of a certain model as opposed to the vehicle’s specifications. 

Used cars yard.

A used cars yard.


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