Mayor Aki-Sawyerr marks four years in office as Freetown Mayor


Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 May 2022:

Four years ago today, on 11th May 2018, I was sworn-in as the Mayor of Freetown. I am grateful to God, to the APC party and to the great people of this city for giving me this opportunity to serve Feeetonians.

There are many challenges associated with public service but the privilege of making a difference in the lives of people and in the history of our city, has kept me motivated and committed to our collective ambition to #TransformFreetown.

Today, as I share this short video highlighting a few of the achievements of the past year, I truly believe that all success is a team effort.

So, I would like to thank the FCC Councillors, FCC Staff, our many partners and stakeholders at home and abroad, the central government and all Freetonians for your contributions to addressing the challenges that we face as a city.

There is still much to do but we have made significant progress as summarized in the video and detailed in the annually published. TransformFreetown Reports which can be found at

The rapid growth of our city’s population as rural to urban migration continues to increase, means that the need for effective development control (land use planning, zoning and building permits) is even more pressing.

I continue to appeal for the devolution of these functions to the local councils as provided for in the Local Government Act 2004 to ensure that we prevent the further deterioration of our urban space and protect the remaining natural environment.

Thank you Freetonians and friends of Freetown for your partnership throughout the past four years. Let’s keep working together and continue on the journey to #TransformFreetown.

Here is a short video highlighting a few of the achievements of the past year across the city of Freetown. #TransformFreetown!

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