Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Liberia And CAR FA’s Agree To Revert The Order Of Match…

The Confederation of African football has agreed to both FA’s of Liberia and the Central African Republic (CAR) over their mutual decision to reverse Match Day 2 order (Liberia v CAR), which should have been held at Reunification Stadium now to Match Day 6 (CAR v Liberia) which will be held in Japoma, Cameroon on 6 September.

This means the two associations have agreed with this order and for the sake of records and competition management, the Tuesday match in Cameroon will therefore count as Match Day 6, with CAR hosting the match with Liberia being the away team which was initially the reverse.

Hence, the last Match Day schedule in November will now see Liberia host CAR, as Match Day 6 with the two associations states looking upward to FIFA at a later date for the full match details.

Following this consensual agreement, the Samuel Kanyon Doe (SKD) authority and the LFA could be highly hopeful of Liberia playing at home at least against CAR if significant works are done to certify CAF minimum Stadium “requirements” in November.

Meanwhile, FIFA has stuck with names of the same match officials that were selected to initially handle transactions on the pitch in Match Day 2.

Below are the match officials who like Liberia and CAR know that their match has been rescheduled to November.


Assistant Referee 1: Sidibi Sidiki, Guinea

Assistant Referee 2: Tere Mamady, Guinea

Fourth official: Konate Bangaly, Guinea

Referee Assessor: Djaoupe Kokou, Togo

Match Commissioner: SAquee Prince Kai, Sierra Leone

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