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Dubai, October 3, 2021 – Blend for Better: three words to communicate a commitment that encapsulates a whole world. The better world to strive for by producing not just coffee, but a virtuous circle that creates economic, social and environmental value. This is the commitment made by Lavazza and shared on the international stage provided by Expo Dubai 2020, not least through the key feature of the brand’s presence at the event, the Solar Coffee Garden designed by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and Italo Rota Building Office in the Italian Pavilion, of which Lavazza is Platinum Sponsor.

“Lavazza wants
to help promote ‘Made in Italy’ excellence in sustainability and innovation,
essential levers today for shaping the future as both an individual company and
a system, as well as being part of our DNA from the outset,” said Francesca
Lavazza. “I strongly believe in the role businesses play as “development
”: we are responsible for our impact on society and must be a model
of sustainable business development. And our presence in the Italy Pavilion
tells the story of and testifies to our commitment to a better future”.

This is the
vision that inspired the design of the Solar Coffee Garden. Created to
offer an immersive experience of the transparent and sustainable supply chain,
the Lavazza coffee shop is a space which breathes life into every stage of
coffee production, from bean to cup. A coffee whose essence lies not only in
its aroma, but also in the care it receives in the land of origin and the
respect it is shown by its growers. At the Italy Pavilion, Lavazza welcomes
visitors into the world of ¡Tierra!, a range that combines a
focus on the origin and preparation of the product, excellent taste, respect
for the environment and a focus on social issues. ¡Tierra! accompanies
every cup with a true story of sustainability, told by the concrete
support offered since 2002 through the projects of the Lavazza
– now active in 19 countries across three continents with 31
projects, benefiting over 130,000 people
– which have the goal of ensuring sustainable
coffee farming that respects both the planet and people

The Solar
is an installation powered by solar energy, representing the heart of
the coffee shop and acting as a concrete expression of the brand’s focus on
sustainable processes. Inspired by the principles of the circular economy, the
preparation process presented by the Solar Moka avoids the CO2 emissions
responsible for climate change and heats up only the water needed, without
waste. The production process is showcased as a continuous cycle, combining
natural and artificial elements, revealing the potential reuse of every
component, and highlighting the importance of a transparent supply chain. Also
contributing to the circular economy, the counter is made with waste coffee and
beans on a tactile eco-resin surface.

Blend for Better: a
future with deep roots

partnership with the Commission responsible for Italy’s presence at Expo Dubai
forms part of the business and sustainability strategy defined by Lavazza
Group, which some time ago set out on a development path that is integrated
into our business operations and processes, as well as being implemented by the
non-profit Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Foundation.  “Coffee is a product of the earth,” commented
Carlo Colpo, Lavazza Group Marketing Communication Director & Brand Home
, “and our brand has a very close relationship with nature and
the idea of protecting the planet.

Sustainability and CSR have played a role in our projects for many years now
and we are continuing a journey we started out on a long time ago. It is a
story we tell today through Blend for Better, a communication platform that
embodies our commitment as a company and exploits the strength of our brands to
generate shared value for society, for people and for the environment.”

Blend for
springs from Lavazza’s deepest values, the values that
inspire and drive the projects, processes and operations which translate into
the responsible production of excellent quality coffee. All with the ambitious
target of achieving several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out
in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

“That is why we have developed a structured programme of activities
in four areas: Care for the environment, Spin a virtuous cycle, Open up
opportunities, Educate for change. This
choice is a concrete expression of our philosophy, of our desire to play an
active role in people’s lives and to contribute to a better world, taking a
stand and pulling the levers needed to create awareness and participation,”

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