Thursday, September 23, 2021

Inside ‘Deep Dive Dubai’ TikTok video gains 39 million views [Video]


  • TikTok user @abdulla_alsenaani posted a video showing the Deep Dive Dubai pool, gaining over 39 million views.
  • Other footage showed previews of the world’s deepest pool with a depth of 60 meters.
  • TikTokers expressed their ‘chilling’ thoughts on the videos.

A TikTok video about the world’s deepest pool in Dubai, UAE earned 39 million views, with viewers describing the sneak preview as “creepy.”

Deep Dive Dubai holds the Guiness World Record for the world’s deepest indoor pool for diving.

Last week, user Abdulla Alsenaani (@abdulla_alsenaani) shared the video with a caption: “I’m about to dive in the deepest swimming pool in the world.”

The scenery just looked like an ordinary indoor pool, decorated with tiles and spa-like features. But when Alsenaani went for a dive, the video showed an enormous deep pool, with a theme of an underworld abandoned city. There were rubble, stairs and doors, among other things beneath the pool.

With a depth of 60.02m, the pool occupies around 14 million litres of water. It also houses a sunken abandoned city which could be explored by visiting divers.

Other videos by Alsenaani showed other features inside the pool including huge windows, snooker tables, abandoned cars in some of what appeared to be rooms inside a building. The scenery also had an arcade, an apartment and even a garage.

The pool also had other incredible features like sound and mood lighting, as well as a complex filtration system. For every six hours, the water is being cleaned and circulated with a siliceous volcanic rock. The pool is also equipped with NASA-developed technology and UV radiation.

Despite the thrilling features being offered by the world’s deepest pool, many TikTokers found the place to be a frightening experience.

“So scary, I don’t even want to finish the video,” one user said.

“That’s not a pool, that’s a nuclear reactor,” another user wrote.

One TikTok user likened the pool’s design with the upside down from Netflix’s Stranger Things: “I would never.”

The creepy vibes of the pool, though, was the motif its developers are trying to achieve.

Aside from the pool, the company also plans to open a diving shop, gift shop and a restaurant by the end of this year.


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