Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Glow-in-the-dark desserts among futuristic food to be dished out to visitors at Dubai Expo

Technology has allowed people to access information about different cultures across the globe, and the culinary experiences they have to offer. Delivery apps as well as online tutorials ensured that even in a lockdown, people were able to try out food from different parts of the world, and could explore places through taste buds, when travelling was restricted.

Innovative solutions that boost agritech have also opened up new opportunities for governments to ensure food security in the dry deserts of the Middle East. This zeal to embrace tech has prompted Dubai to host Expo 2020, where people can now savour futurristic food, as they explore digital art, satellites that talk to aliens and robots that double up as entertainers.

The tech-powered culinary experience will be dished out by British studio Bompas & Parr, and is promising delights like the glow-in-the-dark ice creams and the world’s lightest dessert. The innovators will be using a technology developed by NASA, to convert aerogels into a meringue, which is apparently the most light weight solid on Earth.

Aerogels were initially used by the American space agency in 1999, in order to collect comet dust for the first time ever. The menu by Bompas & Parr, who are known for offerings like an all blue platter, will also include flavour changing desserts.

Apart from space tech, AI and hyperintelligence inspired dishes are also being promised as a part of a two hour meal, that’ll transport people to 2321. The project is inspired by James Lovelock, a scientist who observed the evolving links between humans, AI and vegetation.

Visitors will also get a glimpse of what the environment might look like three centuries into the future, and the vegetation that may be found in such conditions. The initiative will then explore ways in which AI can be used to reduce food wastage.

Apart from this high-tech treat, visitors will be served beverages by a robot at one of the pavilions.

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