Four Sectors in Dubai That Are Spearheading Crypto Adoption -Breaking

Four Sectors in Dubai That Are Spearheading Crypto AdoptionThere are four sectors in Dubai that are leading the way for crypto adoption

  • One Dubai-based law office will accept cryptocurrency as payment.
  • A Dubai school recently announced it was accepting crypto.
  • UAE has become a major crypto-hub.

Crypto adoption is increasing around the world and the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a major bearer for the Middle East’s decentralized currency. The UAE, which is home to 33% percent of crypto-investing residents, has been reported as one of the world’s top markets.

Below are some crypto-accepting firms in Dubai:

Legal Firms

Ashish Mehta & Associates, Solicitors and Legal Consultants have announced their plans for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies from their clients. At the moment, they will accept USD,, and for. Ashish Mehta is the founder and managing Partner. He noted that the UAE and Dubai governments have created a regulatory and compliance framework which encourages cryptocurrency payment.


Citizens Scho …

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