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Find your property in Dubai near your favourite restaurant

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Popular places in Dubai in summer-autumn season 2021

An absolutely incredible aesthetic place is the Social by Heinz Beck restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria. This is a relatively new place, and this season it is called the most fashionable restaurant in Dubai. Its main feature is the famous chef, owner of 3 Michelin stars, whose name, in fact, is indicated in the name of the institution. There are legends that the star of modern gastronomy was hunted for a long time, and he, having barely appeared in Dubai, surpassed all expectations – today the most prestigious dinners and social gatherings are held here. The cuisine in the restaurant is international, in the category of modern gastronomy, but with a tangible Italian accent. We are especially proud of the famous brunches from 12:30 to 15:30, which are attended by the most secular public in Dubai.

Another super popular place this season in Dubai is the Sea Fu restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel. As we have already mentioned, all the best restaurants and clubs are located in hotels, and it would be easy to assume that one of the iconic restaurants of the city is represented in one of the hotels of the legendary chain. This is a very stylish restaurant in all respects – from a minimalistic interior with bright details to, in fact, the food itself – Mediterranean cuisine is presented here not in a classic, but in an innovative version – with a tangible Asian flavor. Perhaps, if we talk about the Asian-style seafood direction, then this restaurant can be called one of the best in the world. However, the seafood in classic variations is also widely represented here, but thanks to its presentation it looks innovative. Thus, the best bouillabaisse in the city is served as 2 different dishes, offering to mix soup and seafood at will. Above all praise, the signature dish is a plate of grilled seafood, and the freshest oysters are legendary – they are rightly considered the best in the city. Add to that a sumptuous Arabian Gulf terrace and signature service that is common to all Four Seasons hotel restaurants, and you will forgive this fabulous place for the inhuman price tag.

Another must-see destination in Dubai is one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in the city, Jumeirah Beach, built in the shape of a wave. There are many restaurants in the hotel, and one of the most interesting of them is the Waterfront. They rely on a healthy diet – even scrambled eggs are prepared from organic egg proteins according to eco-standards. The special pride of the menu is sushi and vegetarian salads, exotic juices or smoothies. All this beauty is served on an open terrace overlooking the Arabian Gulf. By the way, the Waterfront Restaurant provides yacht service in Dubai Marina and organizes romantic dinners.

Nearest areas to find property for permanent residence

In this article, we have told you about the most fashionable restaurants in this season. Maybe if you visit this area very often, you can feel fed up and tired of crowded restaurants and very busy nightlife. In this case, you can choose the area which is located in the immediate vicinity – this is Dubai Hills. This is a fashionable green area where you can have a luxurious unhurried pace life. You can choose property in Dubai Hills.

We will help you buy property in Dubai

If you have set your mind to become a Dubai resident entrust your choice to Ax Capital professionals who will go with you hand-in-hand until you become a legal owner of your own property in Dubai.

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