Monday, September 27, 2021

Expo Inoue visits Dubai to observe preparations for the October Expo

The Minister for Expo Inoue, who is in charge of the Expo 2025 in Osaka and Kansai, visited Dubai in the Middle East UAE = United Arab Emirates, where the Expo is scheduled to be held in October, and visited the venue where preparations are underway. ..

Dubai, the largest city in the UAE, will host the first international exposition in the Middle East, the Dubai Expo, for half a year from October to March next year.

Prior to the event, the Minister for Expo Inoue, who is in charge of the Osaka / Kansai Expo, which is scheduled to be held four years later in 2025, officially visited Dubai for the first time, and on the 8th, the Expo in the suburbs of Dubai where construction work is underway. I visited the main venues in Dubai.

At the venue, he had an hour-long meeting with the Minister of International Cooperation, Mr. Hasimi, who is in charge of the Dubai Expo at the UAE, and exchanged opinions widely on the preparation status of the Expo.

Then, I visited the Japanese pavilion “Japan Pavilion”, which is under construction, and inspected it while receiving explanations about the concept of the facility from the person in charge.

Minister Inoue said, “It turned out that the UAE is thinking in the same way not only about measures against the new coronavirus but also how to keep the legacy of the Expo. Based on the experience at the Dubai Expo, I made use of it for the Osaka / Kansai Expo. I want to go. “

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