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Expo.. Dubai makes the dream come true

Visitors to “Expo 2020” roam the world without a visa… and confirm:

  • Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem


“(Expo 2020 Dubai) gave us the opportunity to travel around the world and roam between its continents, without the need for an entry visa, or boarding planes,” with these words, visitors of different nationalities confirmed to “Emirates Today” their fascination with the international exhibition, which gave them in one place an opportunity Learn about the cultures and history of peoples, and live exceptional experiences offered by more than 192 countries in their own wings.

They said that “Expo Dubai” exceeded their expectations in terms of organization, and the rare content it provides, noting that they will repeat the visit several times, to be able to see all the pavilions, and to learn about the cultures of the world that converged here in Dubai, which achieved for many their dreams of traveling around the world without cost. Or trouble, having brought all these countries to them under one roof.

Abdulaziz Al-Waeli said that “Expo 2020 Dubai” provided him with the opportunity to get to know the whole world, without the need for travel procedures, airline tickets, and entry visas for each country. And the most beautiful in the world, asking everyone to visit the world at the Expo, to live an experience that will not be repeated.

As for Nasser Al-Hasbi, he pointed out that what he found in the “Expo Dubai” is indescribable, as he put it, as he can move between the countries of the world very simply, without long travel or procedures that require time.

He added, “What the UAE presented at the exhibition is a source of pride, and I thank His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, for his tremendous efforts in making the name of the Emirates the subject of attention and appreciation from the whole world.”

“The UAE, a country of tolerance and peace, has succeeded in bringing the world together in an atmosphere of friendliness, intimacy and cooperation, on a small area of ​​its land, to assure the whole world that it is the land of love,” Al-Hasbi continued.

While Issa Laha Al Shehhi said that he did not imagine to see what he found on the ground at the “Expo Dubai” before his visit, as the event exceeded his perception by all standards, pointing out that he decided to visit all countries of the world, to learn about their cultures and customs, and their contribution to human history. It is an irreplaceable opportunity for the world to gather in one place, which is Dubai, without travel. While Souda Feri revealed that her first visit to the “Dubai Expo” was a big surprise for her by all accounts, as she spent about six hours visiting only five countries, describing the experience as the richest in her life, so she will invite all her friends and family to visit the exhibition, as she decided To allocate a weekly visit to the exhibition, so that you can visit all countries of the world at the venue of the event.

For her part, Hania Fayed agreed with everyone that she did not imagine the splendor and beauty of the experience she experienced inside the “Dubai Expo” on the educational level, by learning about the history of the world, and entertaining through the wonderful performances presented throughout the exhibition.

She said, “My dream of carrying out a trip around the world was finally achieved in (Expo Dubai).”

For his part, Tosha Naxu admitted that he had previously heard about the global event, but he did not realize that it was so grand and grand until he attended it in Dubai, which used to amaze the world with all it offers.

He believed that “the idea of ​​a person roaming the world without the need for entry visas is now possible by visiting (Expo Dubai).”

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