Expo 2020 Dubai to celebrate earth’s nature and biodiversity


DUBAI – Expo 2020 Dubai will celebrate World Wildlife Day 2022 to spearhead a series of programmes dedicated to wildlife conservation and biodiversity, in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).

UN World Wildlife Day, celebrated annually on 3rd March, will be marked during Expo 2020’s Climate and Biodiversity Week with a people-facing flagship event that will gather major players, including youth leaders, activists and members of the Expo family, who are all committed to furthering biodiversity preservation.

Bringing together experts and thought leaders, Expo 2020 will be a launching pad for inspiring new ideas in ecosystem preservation and restoration, and will feature a Youth Circle, held in association with the UAE’s Federal Youth Authority, to ensure future generations play an essential role in policies and recommendations around preserving wildlife and biodiversity.

The importance of protecting the planet’s ecosystems will be brought to life across Expo’s buildings and screens in vivid colour with a kaleidoscope projection, a series of unique imagery provided by lead partners, UNEP and the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

Through its Climate and Biodiversity Week, Expo 2020 will highlight real-life solutions to help protect our planet’s flora and fauna and support the rich diversity of our planet, including inspiring initiatives from Expo’s Global Best Practice Programme and Expo Live Grantees, as well as from Expo’s Partners and International Participants.

Celebrations on World Wildlife Day 2022 will unite experts, global personalities, countries, companies and youth in a commitment to improving global conservation efforts.

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