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Expo 2020 Dubai: How RTA will avoid traffic jams around the site

With millions of visitors expected for the world’s largest trade fair, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is ensuring that traffic in all directions will run smoothly and public transport will be easily accessible to all.

“We have developed a traffic management plan on the surrounding roads and junctions during weekdays and weekends, as well as mega-event witness days throughout the Expo period,” Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, director general and chairman of the board of directors of RTA, said on Saturday.


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Alternative plans have also been developed for all possible scenarios that could cause traffic jams.

Instant traffic detours were prepared in the event of road closures around the area. Communication and emergency response plans have also been drawn up.

To implement its mobility and traffic management plans, RTA built the company’s command and control center and intelligent traffic center at Al Barsha, both the newest of its kind in the world, has said Al Tayer.

Company command and control center

Powered by intelligent technologies, the Enterprise Command and Control Center (EC3) is one of the largest and most advanced control centers.

It integrates the RTA’s public transport systems, metro, tram, bus, taxis and river transport, and connects several traffic control centers. It allows efficient planning of mobility trips in addition to facing the various challenges of public transport.

“The EC3 plays a key role in the monitoring of multimodal transit systems in the emirate, as well as in the management of incidents, crises and events related to roads, transport and traffic. It is designed to perform advanced analysis of transport network data and monitor more than 170 events across the emirate, ”Al Tayer said.

The center uses artificial intelligence to process big data, reaching 75 million mobility data captured per day.

Intelligent traffic center

The Dubai Intelligent Traffic Center in Al Barsha is one of the most sophisticated control centers in the world in terms of the technologies used.

Expo 2020 Dubai: How RTA will prevent traffic jams around the site (

“It establishes a platform for integrated digital technologies that use artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things,” said Al Tayer.

RTA has developed and extended intelligent traffic systems by developing an integrated infrastructure of traffic systems on the Dubai road network.

Sixty percent of the emirate’s road network is now covered by intelligent traffic systems, a huge jump from the previous 11 percent.

In addition to its advanced communication systems, the center has also developed an intelligent traffic control system called iTraffic, which can predict the traffic situation, support decision making and ensure high efficiency in traffic and incident management. .

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