Abu Dhabi, UAE: Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas welcomes the New Year with a refined gastronomy in its plethora of spangled dining choices with Chef Felix Petrucco leading and managing the property’s entire exquisite lineup of food outlets. 

Reintroducing the capital’s hotspot for exceptional dining venture, Chef Felix proudly shares his management’s initial efforts by successfully deviating to touchless menus and digital ordering systems as to provide exceptional dining journey whilst instigating safety for staff to provide utmost services to its guests.

Having a natural taste for everything sumptuous and loads of options to satiate diverse palates on his sleeves, the Chef has been overseeing the property’s array of restaurants by highlighting distinctions between each dining venue. Guests looking for an epicurean journey available all throughout the week can delight a Mediterranean cuisine at The Beach House with its luxurious environment overlooking the Saadiyat beach among other choices.

There is an endless list of dishes to choose from and the seasoned chef highly suggested to indulge on the Dirty Mellow Rice at The Beach House first. With the mouthwatering rice dish from Spain brimming with lobster, octopus, and charcoal grilled sea bream to start-off, bon vivants are likely to come back and try for more across other impeccable dining venues in the property.

Kick start your new list of must-visit food havens at Park Hyatt’s indulging array of restaurants. This year, find comfort in noshing up an authentic menu made to perfection with fresh ingredients and excellent taste starting with the recently launched Brunch at The Beach House featuring a table brunch with the best of the Beach House menu including breakfast dishes available every Friday from 1 PM to 4 PM.

Stepping up a notch with unpredictable menu, food creations, and thirst quenchers, guests are in for a roller coaster of a dining ride. Starting off with the Park Bar and Grill restaurant making last year’s Mexican-Japanese pup-up experience into a full-pledged restaurant concept, spoilt for a round up experience including various flavors and phenomenal beverages. Or opt for a holistic dining experience at the new Vayu Beach Bar offering the majestic feel of the Arabian beach.

“Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi’s F&B has always had a stronghold presence in the culinary map with a penchant for everything new and unique. Our brand-new goal for this year is to place our entire lineup of restaurants at the top end of the dining spectrum for our gastronome guests to enjoy,” Chef Felix Petrucco said.