Friday, October 22, 2021

“Emirates Industries and Services” grants its employees 6 days leave to visit “Expo”

She emphasized the importance of the private sector keeping pace with the historical event

The Emirates Group for Industries and Services announced that the group’s employees will be granted a 6-day paid vacation to visit Expo 2020 Dubai, in order to enable employees and their families to enrich their knowledge experience, and learn about the creativity, cultures and global innovations offered by the countries participating in the event. The group explained that the leave can be used until March 31, 2022.

Badr Faris Al-Hilali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Industries and Services Group, said that the UAE is witnessing a historic event and an exceptional moment with the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai, which prompts the group to launch its own initiative to grant its employees paid leave, to visit Expo Dubai, which contributes to enabling employees and their families to learn about the solutions and inventions that people are preparing for the future, and the innovations and ideas offered by the participating countries that will be a source of inspiration for visitors.

Al Hilali explained that the Emirates Group for Industries and Services includes about 30 companies, employs about 12,000 employees, and spreads its business in various emirates, and works in several areas, including real estate, services, maintenance, and security guards, and it also owns a number of factories specialized in the production of paper and health products. plastic, and others.

Al Hilali pointed to the need for the private sector to keep pace with all the important events witnessed by the state, and to participate effectively in such historical events, explaining that the UAE is launching a new stage in the future march, and the private sector must be strongly present, within the framework of the continuous partnership between the public and private sectors.

Al Hilali stressed the group’s continued keenness to launch initiatives that enhance the role of the private sector in development, and that come within the framework of corporate social responsibility.

He pointed to the importance of the UAE government’s announcement of launching packages of strategic initiatives and projects within the fifty projects, especially the allocation of 24 billion dirhams to accommodate 75,000 citizens in the private sector over the next 5 years, stressing the interest of the Emirates Group for Industries and Services in supporting the empowerment of national cadres, and attracting Emirati competencies specialized in all fields.

Al-Hilali explained that recent years have witnessed the adoption of many laws and initiatives that enhance job opportunities for citizens in the private sector, such as granting the private sector official holidays similar to the government sector, which contributes to supporting the participation of national competencies in this private sector.

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