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Emirates Expands Special Offers For Passengers During Expo 2020 Dubai

For the duration of the six-month-long Expo 2020, the Middle East’s largest airline Dubai International Airport (DXB)-based Emirates, is unlocking special offers for all its UAE citizens and residents. By simply showing their boarding pass, Emirates customers can gain unrestricted access to the Dubai Frame.

Emirates Expo 2020
Your Emirates boarding pass can get you big discounts in Dubai. Photo: Emirates

Called the biggest picture frame on the planet, the Dubai Frame is one of the city’s most iconic attractions. Built out of glass, steel, aluminum, and reinforced concrete, the Dubai frame is 150.24 m (493 ft) tall and 95.53 m (313.41ft) wide. The lower span house a museum that tells the story of Dubai while the upper frame houses an observations deck where visitors can overlook the older part of the city.

An Emirates boarding pass unlocks special offers and discounts

In addition to the free entrance to the Dubai Frame, Emirates customers can use their boarding pass to enjoy discounts and benefits at over 500 retail, dining, and recreational attractions across Dubai and the UAE.

Emirates Expands Special Offers For Passengers During Expo 2020 Dubai
The Dubai Frame has a museum and observation deck. Photo: Dubai Frame

In a statement released yesterday, October 9, 2021, Emirates says there are always new attractions and things to see and do in Dubai that suit all budgets and tastes. Emirates says that for winter 2021/2022, Dubai is the place to be as the city hosts world-class culture and sports events, including the Expo 2020.

Emirates’ current special promotions include:

  • Free Emirates Expo Day Pass: Emirates customers in the UAE can, during the much-awaited Expo 2020 mega event, be eligible to win a free Emirates Expo Day Pass for every flight ticket booked with the airline.

What is the Dubai 2020

Initially scheduled for October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021, the Expo 2020 had to be postponed due to travel restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. For branding and marketing purposes, organizers of Expo 2020 decided to keep the original name for this year’s event.

Expo 2020
Expo 2020 has pavilions from 191 countries. Photo: Emirates

With the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,” Expo 2020 is based on the belief that bringing the world together can catalyze new perspectives and inspire action to deliver real-life solutions to real-world challenges. Located near Dubai’s southern border with Abu Dhabi on what used to be a barren desert, the Expo 2020 site covers over 1,000 acres. During the Expo, which used to be known as “The Worlds Fair,” 191 nations will showcase their greatest tourist attractions, discoveries, and ambitions. For the first time in its history, each country will have its own pavilion to display what makes it great and how it looks towards building a better future.

Expo 2020 has over 190 pavilions

Emirates Expo Expo 2020
Dubai Expo 2020 will run for six months. Photo: Emirates

At Expo 2020, visitors can explore three distinct districts:

Sustainability District
In the Sustainability District, visitors will be given a glimpse of the future as they witness some of the world’s most advanced technology in action. In this district, various countries will show how they plan to use new technology to live in harmony with nature.

Mobility District
The mobility district will allow visitors to see how autonomous vehicles and cutting-edge mobility technologies are about to change the way we think and live.

Opportunity District
Visitors to the opportunity district can witness how today’s dreams are transforming the aspirations and realities of tomorrow. There is a ripple effect that can be an agent of change for everything we do, unlocking billions of opportunities for a better tomorrow.

If you have had a chance to visit Expo 2020, please tell us about the experience in the comments.

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