Emirates Allows Passengers to Book Empty Seats Next to Them From Just S$73


Extra leg room when taking to the sky always seems like a good idea especially if it’s a long-haul flight. Moreover, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the thought of more space for oneself is sure to make any travellers feel at ease on board. 

If you do not fancy leaving it to lady luck to ‘secure’ empty seats adjacent to you next time you are flying, you’ll like what Emirates has up its wings (pun intended!).  

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Prices of empty seats on Emirates

Emirates is now offering economy class customers with a confirmed booking the possibility of purchasing up to three adjoining seats on their flight at a wallet-friendly cost. From just AED 200 to AED 600 (S$73 TO S$219) plus applicable taxes depending on the flight sector, passengers can enjoy more personal space and privacy when flying. 

However, according to a press release from the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, the seats are not available for pre-book as they are subject to availability. Customers can only purchase empty seats at the airport check-in counter prior to flight departure.

At a time when air travel has decreased drastically as a result of COVID-19, the likelihood of passengers having an empty seat proximate to them in the cabin is higher. In spite of that, a handful of them still prefer to lock in extra seats for themselves beforehand. 

Couples who wish to have the entire row to themselves, parents travelling with in-lap infants, or those who simply want the added assurance of more space while travelling during pandemic times will certainly benefit from this offer.

Would you consider purchasing adjoining seats next time you fly with Emirates?