Economy passengers can now book an entire row to themselves for £78 with Emirates


ECONOMY travellers on Emirates flights can now buy entire rows to avoid other passengers.

The new booking system will allow passengers to buy up to three empty seats on their flights, starting from £39.

However, these can’t be booked online when buying plane tickets, as they will only be offered at the airport check-out counter due ot availability.

They will cost between $55 (£39) and $165 (£117) per empty seat, plus taxes.

The airline said it could be used by couples who want an entire row to themselves by booking out the extra seat next to them, or parents travelling with young children who want more space.

It is expected to be a popular choice especially due to the pandemic where travellers may want more social distancing onboard.

Economy seats have a range of options include extra legroom seats and twin seats which are found on the upper deck.

They are also offering up to 60 per cent off baggage costs right now, which must be pre-booked.

A number of airlines kept rows empty during the pandemic, including easyJet, to allow social distancing between passengers.

We’ve revealed how you can get an entire empty row to yourself without having to pay for it.

Holiday flights cannot currently go ahead due to the UK lockdown which bans all non-essential travel.

Foreign holidays are yet to be given the go ahead, with an official date from April 12, although there are hopes they could restart from June 21.

Emirates flights between the UK and the UAE, which includes Dubai, also require a mandatory quarantine in a hotel from all arrivals, costing £1,750.

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