Thursday, March 4, 2021

Dulsco Stands With the Cabinet’s New Economic Policy

The Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates approved a circular economy policy on 24th January, with the aim of working towards and achieving the goals of clean production, sustainable transportation and consumption and efficient waste management, in order to preserve the environment and to generate new economic opportunities.

Circular economy, a method of sustainable recycling and reutilisation of waste materials to achieve monetary value and contribute to the economy of the region, is at the core of this policy. Subsequently, it forms the crux of “Dulsco” the region’s leading pioneer of circular economy, who met this news with enthusiasm.

David Stockton, CEO of “Dulsco”, stated that the company, offers its utmost support towards this reform and declares an active participation to meet the necessary end goals. Furthermore, he stated that sustainability for the empowerment of communities, had always been the core aim and mission of the company and therefore feels that the new policy is a great stepping- stone towards quickening the achievement of total sustainable development. 

Stockton went on to state that, he looks forward to continuing creating further initiatives as the company had done previously, in active and supportive collaboration with this effective policy ratified by The Cabinet. 

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