Saturday, October 16, 2021

Dubai to host the 12th Global Mobile Broadband Forum on October 13 & 14

Dubai will host the 12th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) on October 13 & 14. Huawei will organise the forum alongside industry partners GSMA (Global System of Mobile Communications), GTI (Global Tele-management Inc), and SAMENA (South Asia – Middle East – North Africa) Telecommunications Council at JAFZA One Convention Centre in Dubai. The 2021 MBBF provides a chance for mobile and adjacent vertical ecosystems to reconnect, rebuild, and reimagine a fully connected, intelligent world. It is a hybrid event, with many people attending in person and others online. 

Bocar BA – CEO of SAMENA Council stated:“Serving as a resource with advocacy expertise, to help aid incubation of novel approaches and ideas that can assure sustainability of the digital ecosystem, the Council is supporting the MBBF 2021 given the Forum’s importance to the regional drive on mobile broadband and the global vision for achieving universal digital access, sustainably. The Council empowers stakeholders to communicate together and address the most pressing industry issues, in order to help create a sustainable business environment for the ICT Industry and to accelerate socio-economic transformation within the region. It is in this regard that the MBBF 2021 carries significance as it will focus on maximizing the potential of 5G, including industry use-cases and applications that are green and can foster carbon neutrality, and practically advance the mobile future of the region as well as its digital economy.” “It is time for us to think green 5G, and it is SAMENA Council’s pleasure to support MBBF 2021”, BA emphasized.

“The Global MBB Forum is far more than just an event. From the first forum in Oslo in 2010 to this year’s one in Dubai, it provides a platform for ICT leaders to come together and push the mobile industry forward and unlock to power of mobile connectivity. With the strongest speaker line-up and innovative product launches, mobile ecosystems are back together to explore how mobile broadband is shaping the future and continuing to transform people’s lives and industries”, said Ken Hu, Rotating Chairman,Huawei.

This year’s MBBF will usher in a new era of mobile ecosystem connectivity and collaboration. Attendees will hear about the newest mobile industry megatrends, including 5G, as well as all-new wireless technologies and solutions, as well as acquire essential insights from 5G pioneers and learn about successful 5G rollouts. ICT operators will learn about Optimal 5G Spectrum, Green 5G, 5G Autonomous Network, FWA, Microwave, Sub-3GHz Evolution, and other strategies to monetize their business. They’ll have the chance to speak with industry insiders, partners, and CXOs to learn about innovative 5G BtoC, BtoB, and toH applications.

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