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Dubai, the wonders of the Italian Pavilion at Expo2020


September 27, 2021The Italy Pavilion is certainly one of the most refined attractions at the Dubai Expo.

It is located between the Opportunity and Sustainability districts, a strategic position for the flow of visitors, estimated at up to 5 million over the six months of the event.

The result of an understanding between diplomacy, science, economics and culture, the Italian Pavilion saw the involvement of 70 institutional partners, over 50 sponsoring companies, 15 regions and 30 universities.

It intends to bring to the attention of the public the great future challenges of humanity, from climate, to space, from intercultural dialogue, to innovation and digitalization in health, agriculture and the blue economy, Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda . But above all, the Italian Pavilion is a place that can also be used at very different levels, promising to satisfy the expectations of every single visitor. 

Project signed by Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota with Matteo Gatto and F&M Ingegneria, the Pavilion is a showcase of Made in Italy and Italian excellence in technology and innovation and offers itself as a platform for meetings, connections, institutional events, with multiple spaces , also modular, an amphitheater, a restaurant and a cafeteria.

“Beauty connects People “

“Beauty unites People” is the slogan of the Pavilion, which extends over 3,500 square meters, with a roof made up of three large “hulls” made with the contribution of Fincantieri and inspired by the idea of ​​travel.

The hulls, lined with high-tech products from the Boero Group’s nautical sector, make up the largest Italian flag in the world. The external perimeter of the Pavilion is made with ropes in recycled material (plastic and pet) to which LEDs are applied which light up with a suggestive movement of lights at night.     

Visit via app

The Italian Pavilion app can be downloaded on a smartphone and offers a route divided into different environments. Several installations appear near the main entrance: Eni presents a cascade of technological lianas that houses a microalgae crop powered by a photobioreactor, an example of the search for new renewable energy sources.

The Inwit Smart Tower “Venezia”, ​​on the other hand, promotes the integration of digital connection systems in the urban environment of the Smart City. A suspended walkway covered with paints and resins from the Mapei Group leads visitors to discover the Bvlgari installation created by Simone Lingua, a tribute to Italian craftsmanship, with the reproduction of Mario Merz’s Fibonacci sequence.

Also in the initial part of the route is the Leonardo atomic clock, used to guarantee absolute precision in satellite navigation and a metaphor for perfect time.

Discovering the Belvedere

Designed by the scenographer Alessandro Camera, it is a circular structure surrounded by “blades of water” reminiscent of the structures of the Renaissance gardens, inside which the Tolo Green spirulina is grown, which allows the ecological treatment of air through the biofixation of carbon dioxide exhaled by visitors.

The interior space, divided into exedras and niches, evokes a Renaissance study with a floor inlaid with the wind rose.

The dome recalls that of the Pantheon and in the central oculus there is a circular screen showing the Skies of Italy, images taken from the masterpieces of Italian painting. 

At the exit of the Belvedere, a large LED panel offers the “Italian know-how”, narrated by the Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores.

On the back of the screen there are the spaces that welcome the “Short stories”, temporary exhibitions created by institutions and companies that showcase the excellence of Italian ingenuity and manufacturing.

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