Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Dubai Sports Council Finishes Evaluation Of Dubai Clubs And Sports Companies For Dubai Sports Excellence Model Awards

Dubai Sports Council has completed the evaluation of Dubai clubs and football companies for the ‘Dubai Sports Excellence Model Awards’ in collaboration with an internationally-renowned specialist to ensure transparency.

The Council had received more than 100 nomination files for the fifth edition of Dubai Sports Excellence Model Awards, which takes into consideration the performance of athletes, clubs and football companies during the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons, and the highest-rated nominees from among them will be honoured at a glittering ceremony on October 14.

Organised under the slogan “Unlimited Ambitions”, the Dubai Sports Excellence will honour five winners in the Individual Excellence Category and four in the Institutional Excellence Category this year.

The five awards in the Individual Excellence Category are: Best Football Player, Best Player Male/Female in Individual Sports, Best Player/Female in Team Sports, Best Male/Female Player in the People of Determination Category – Individual Sports, Best Male/Female Player in the People of Determination Category – Team Sports.

In the Institutional Excellence Category, the winners will be announced in four different categories: Best Football Company, Best Sports Games Sector/Company, Best Games Sector/Football Company in Corporate Efficiency, and Best Initiative – Pandemic Related.

Alongside these categories, the Dubai Sports Excellence Model also honours “Sports Pioneers” of Dubai – individuals who have played a leading role in the sports sector of Dubai and strengthened its foundations.

The Dubai Sports Excellence Model Awards seek to implement the Government’s strategic directions to support and develop the sports sector in Dubai and help it reach international standards. The Awards are also part of Dubai Sports Council’s continuous efforts to honour individuals and sports entities in Dubai clubs and football companies for their excellence in the sports sector, and their contribution towards raising the overall standards of the industry.

The Awards also come under the framework of Dubai Sports Council’s efforts to develop the administrative and technical levels of Dubai clubs and football companies who operate under the umbrella of the Council, and to encourage them to embrace innovation and creativity, and seek excellence.

All aspects of sports – administrative and service – and performance of clubs and sports companies have been taken into consideration in designing the Dubai Sports Excellence Model, with the primary focus being on innovation, commitment to sportsmanship and contribution to the community.

The Model has been adopted as the basis for evaluating sports clubs and companies registered in the Emirate of Dubai and it takes into account the difference in the nature of work of the clubs, sports companies and cultural clubs to ensure fairness in evaluation.

The Model also seeks to evaluate and honour athletes in all categories and from all sports, with the aim being to encourage and inspire athletes in the Emirate of Dubai to seek excellence. Over the past eight years, the Model has served its purpose, lifting not just the standards of athletes, but also inspiring administrative staff at the sports clubs and football companies to excel at work and innovate.

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