Dubai named among top 25 destinations for professionals working remotely


Dubai has been an attractive option for travelers since decades with a buzzing nightlife, big discounts at bustling malls and even state of the art medical services. Using technology to boost its healthcare infrastructure to counter covid made the city a safe-haven during the pandemic, and there’s also another feat that Dubai achieved thanks to global lockdowns.

The new normal brought the occasional provision of working online into the spotlight and made it a mainstream practice, with many seeking destinations with conditions suitable for the new work culture. Dubai has emerged as one of 25 global cities which have the best culture, tech infrastructure as well as policies in place to accommodate professionals who are working remotely.

Cities like Hanoi in Vietnam and Berlin in Germany joined the Emirati smart city on the list which placed Estonian capital Tallinn on top. Tourism brand Big Seven Travel ranked cities based on an expat-friendly environment, ease of access to internet and presence of co-working spaces.

Emirati telco Etisalat holds the distinction of providing glitch free 5G services which are also the fastest globally, and the country’s indoor WiFi speeds were also scaled up recently. With foreigners comprising 90% of the population, Dubai is a global city where travelers can easily blend in.

In addition to these prevailing conditions, the government also launched one-year visas specifically for people who wanted to stay in Dubai while working remotely for firms based abroad. Dubai has also been able to relax restrictions earlier than most countries, offering professionals enough options to head out and chill after wrapping up work, or choose outdoor locations to set up their online office.

The hospitality sector in Dubai has also expressed hopes for gaining from what they describe as a new kind of tourism with ‘digital nomads’ turning towards the city as a preferred remote-working location.

Image: Shutterstock