Dubai (Etihad)

The Dubai Government Human Resources Department launched the “Human Resources Consultative Meetings” initiative, with the aim of continuous communication between the Director General of the Department, with the directors and officials of human resources departments in Dubai government departments, to follow up on human capital issues, develop forward-looking plans for the future of government human resources, and discuss Challenges, and provide suggestions and solutions facing human resources departments in government agencies in Dubai.
Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of Dubai Government Human Resources Department, said: “This initiative comes in line with the directives of the wise leadership, which places human capital development and empowering national competencies at the forefront of its priorities, given that human capital is the main driver of comprehensive sustainable development. Hence, the Dubai Government Human Resources Department is keen to cooperate and coordinate with government agencies in Dubai with the aim of developing human capital and developing orientation programs for Emiratis to increase the Emiratisation rate.”
Al Falasi explained that the department is working hard to prepare Emiratis and qualify them to lead the future government work efficiently and effectively to build a bright future for generations during the next fifty years by investing in the youth of the Emirates, preparing them appropriately and qualifying them with skills and knowledge that keep pace with the rapid changes that the world is witnessing.
For his part, Colonel Rashid Nasser, Deputy Director of the General Department of Human Resources in Dubai Police, stressed the importance of meetings between human resources officials in Dubai government departments, with the aim of discussing everything that concerns the government human resource, setting plans and strategies that foresee the future of human resources, and permanent readiness to deal with challenges. In this important sector.
As for Amna Al Suwaidi, Director of Human Resources Department at the Dubai Health Authority, she said that the authority cooperates and coordinates with the Human Resources Department of the Government of Dubai with the aim of developing human resources, preparing them and qualifying them appropriately to lead future government work, believing in the importance of the role of the human element in achieving the sustainability of services in Dubai, especially Health Services.
On his part, Sultan Al Akraf, Director of Human Resources and Development Department in the Institutional Administrative Support Services Sector at the Roads and Transport Authority, stressed the importance of exchanging visions and ideas, and discussing the challenges facing the human resources sector in light of the rapid global developments. It must be ready, prepared and highly qualified to develop solutions to these challenges.
As for Wedad Buhanad, Director of Human Resources Department at the Public Prosecution, she said that the Dubai Government Human Resources Department spares no effort in launching initiatives and programs aimed at upgrading the competencies of the government human element in Dubai, and supporting the process of building Emiratis to lead future government work.
She emphasized that the Dubai Government Human Resources Department is a key supporter of the human resources strategy in the Public Prosecution to build and empower qualified and happy human resources and enhance the efficiency of national cadres.
The directors of human resources in Dubai government departments, who participated in the “human resources consultative meetings” praised the initiative, and stressed the importance of continuous communication between various government agencies. Dubai.