Sunday, October 17, 2021

Dubai Expo 2020 Censored Nude David Statue

A giant replica of Michelangelo’s famous David statue on show at the Dubai Expo has sparked controversy.

The copy of the world’s most famous nude, which was made of resin using laser scans and 3D printing then coated in marble dust, was created to adorn the Italian pavilion at the Expo starting this month. But the perfect copy sent with great fanfare by Italy has been partially covered to protect his modesty.

The nude pubic area can only be seen by standing close to the glass and looking upwards from the lower floor.

Organizers chose to cover up the statue’s manhood to avoid offending conservative Muslims. Public nudity is outlawed in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the Italian daily La Repubblica, Expo staff agonized over how they could display the replica of the masterpiece without offending Muslims.

After much deliberation, the event organizers chose to place the statue in a column and cover the private spaces with a stone slab.

A large stone slab placed between the two floors means no visitor faces the embarrassment of staring directly at the statue’s penis, while wide ledges on the top floor – open to public visitors – make it impossible to lean over and peer downwards.

Italian artists and art critics protest the decision to shroud much of David’s replica with stone obstacles.

The original statue of David was sculpted by Michelangelo in 1504 and was initially installed in the Piazza Della Signoria in Florence before being moved to the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence in 1873.

It is one of the most recognizable works of art in the world and to this day is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Italy.

The Dubai Expo 2020 aims to showcase examples of innovation and culture from countries around the world, while UAE authorities hope it will bring more investment and tourism to the region. will attract.

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