Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Dubai adopts fees for waste disposal from January 2022

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Dubai Municipality has announced a set of measures to build a sustainable future that ensures a supportive and stimulating environment that makes Dubai a healthy, safe and sustainable city, with the elements of luxury and success in accordance with the best international standards, especially in the field of waste management, and reducing the impact of its harmful emissions in an effort to enhance Environmental safety.

The procedures come within Executive Council Resolution No. (58) of 2017 regarding the adoption of waste disposal fees in the emirate, which will enter into force in early January 2022, based on strengthening the main pillars of the emirate’s environmental sustainability through the application of best legislative and administrative practices. distinguished technology in the field of integrated waste management; Through it, Dubai Municipality seeks to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan for waste management, which aims to reduce and completely divert waste from the landfill path by 2030, and to encourage all parties associated with this decision, whether commercial companies, government agencies, industrial companies, or private sector companies To follow the best international practices adopted in the field of sustainable waste disposal, and to promote the culture of sorting waste produced from its sources, in addition to raising the rates and quality of recycled materials in the Emirate. Thus, providing a safe work environment to encourage promising investment, and create new comprehensive competitive opportunities in the field of waste management and treatment in the Emirate.

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In this context, Engineer Abdul Majeed Saifaei, Director of Waste Management at Dubai Municipality, said: “The implementation of the decision will achieve a set of real achievements in this field, including: promoting the concept of sustainability, regulating the waste management sector in the emirate, reducing the carbon footprint, and encouraging sector companies. private investment in this field; The decision was designed in a way that allows recycling facilities to impose amounts on the waste they receive and treat in their facilities, thus covering a large part of the operational costs, and raising the economic feasibility of investment in this field.”

He added: “Dubai Municipality plays a major role in protecting and preserving the environment through the federal and local legislative system, which oversees its application,” noting that the municipality is working to promote sustainability in all its environmental, social and economic aspects, and to provide a sustainable model, to preserve natural resources, and support A low carbon economy, to achieve the Dubai Waste Management Strategy 2030, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, announced by the United Nations for 2030.

The Director of Waste Management at Dubai Municipality explained: The decision encourages all waste producers to start separating recyclable materials from waste production sites, whether they are companies, hotels, shopping centers or others, and send them to recycling facilities instead of placing them among the waste that is sent to Landfills to land them and pay disposal fees. Emphasizing the investment dimension of this decision on waste producers; As its separation from the source will contribute to reducing the amount of general waste for which disposal fees are calculated by calculating the volume of waste transported by the carriers. He pointed out that many industrial and commercial companies have already started implementing plans to reduce waste, and it is expected that the number of these companies will increase with the entry into force of the decision. Pointing out that the decision will directly contribute to reducing the area of ​​land designated as waste dumps, investing it in housing projects and increasing the area of ​​green land, parks and public services, instead of depleting land in landfills; There are currently 6 landfills in the Emirate of Dubai, with an area of ​​about 1,600,000 square meters. Accelerating the implementation of strategic plans is of great importance in light of the economic and population growth in the emirate. Without the speedy implementation of strategic plans, this would undoubtedly have led to an increase in the percentage of waste, and thus the areas allocated to landfills to rise to 5,833,403 square meters by 2041.


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