Wednesday, September 22, 2021

DMU Dubai Welcomes the UAE’s Golden Visa for Coders as it Creates Fresh Career Prospects for Students

Industry-accredited programmes and employability-focused teaching in the field of computer science will help students in DMU Dubai leverage the UAE’s Golden Visa opportunity

De Montfort University (DMU) Dubai is really excited about the career possibilities offered to its students by the UAE’s decision to transform the country into a digital-first economy by granting golden visas to outstanding Class 12 and university students. This year, the globally recognized university DMU Leicester will offer several job-focused programmes, including the prestigious BSc (Hons) Cyber Security, at the Dubai campus.

Dr. Manjeet Ridon, Interim Provost, DMU Dubai said:

“Golden Visa opportunities and DMU Dubai – great timing! The UAE’s decision to extend the eligibility for this privileged category of visas comes at a special time for DMU Dubai, when it is opening its new branch campus in Academic City. The UAE has a reputation as a great facilitator for the enrichment of human capital and pursuit of higher learning, and certainly, DMU shares this reputation as well. With our industry accredited programmes and employability focused teaching we will attract and retain specialized talent in the UAE and advance its competitive edge in priority sectors, for example in the area of coding, computer sciences, cyber security, artificial intelligence, data science, and electrical engineering. Talented DMU Dubai graduates in these areas will be well qualified to apply for specialist opportunities with big name companies like Google and Amazon.”

DMU Dubai is also delighted with the UAE’s decision to extend Golden Visa eligibility to outstanding Class 12 finalists as this will prompt students to choose the UAE as the destination for their higher education studies. The University is offering a wide range of undergraduate programmes that will appeal to these bright students and we eagerly await their arrival to start the new journey with them. A list of the programmes is available on our website.”

This initiative from the government – available to both residents and non-residents of the UAE – has been designed to fill the gap in knowledge resources faced by businesses in the Emirates which compel them to outsource innovative IT projects to other countries.

DMU takes student employability seriously and DMU Leicester’s careers and employability service, known as DMU Works, was awarded the Best University Careers/Employability Service at the National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards in UK February 2021.

DMU’s recognition in the field of Computer Science

DMU Leicester has been recognized globally for its computer science programmes and research and the Science, Engineering and Computer programmes at DMU Dubai will reflect this success.

Talking about the programmes, Dr. Fuad Khoshnaw, the subject Head for the Science, Engineering, Computer portfolio at DMU Dubai said:

“The DMU vision has a different perspective in terms of creating employment opportunities for the UAE market, however, reviewing curricula of the relevant programmes which are particularly touching the UAE market, such as mechanical engineering design, is one of the approaches that have in the last few years been applied at DMU Leicester.”

Research papers published by DMU academics in the field of Computer Science attract almost three times more citations than the world average, according to new data released by the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

DMU Leicester has been recognized for conducting world-leading cyber security research, having been named the East Midlands’ first ‘Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research’.

DMU Dubai will offer the BSc (Hon) Cyber Security course this year which has a wide range of optional third-year modules which include Secure Web Application Development; Multi-Service Networks; Interaction Design; and Big Data and Business Models.

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