Monday, September 20, 2021

Details of the UAE Government’s media conference on the development of Corona

Adviser Nasser Al Zaabi, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Community Development, praised all the national efforts and achievements we see effects in the light of tackling the Covid-19 pandemic and achieving sustainable recovery.

Today, during a briefing to the UAE Government on the development of Corona (Covid 19), Al Zaabi said that these efforts would not have been achieved without the absolute support and strength of our leadership, which is committed to providing the best and most beautiful for the UAE. citizens, citizens and residents of this rewarding country.

He added that the United Arab Emirates provided the vaccine in a national campaign targeting all segments of society, making it a priority for the elderly, residents and determination, and this priority extends to school students who are in focus and attention, to ensure the completion of the Community immunization cycle, with most of its members receiving a safe and effective vaccine.

He added that the sectors of the country have shown their resilience and readiness to meet challenges and create opportunities for improvement by developing plans and strategies to mitigate all the consequences of the pandemic.

He emphasized that within the framework of the strategic indicator (feeling optimistic about living conditions) we find that we have achieved positive results to increase society’s confidence in the recovery level in the country, such as the rate of return for events with 95% of the target 100%.

He explained that the rate of return to worship at various services is 100% of the target 100% and the proportion of members’ confidence in the recovery procedures in the Emirates, which reached 53%, which exceeded the target by 50%.

He stated that in the area of ​​promoting optimism in society, 103% was achieved within the indicator for the proportion of members of society who feel their ability to meet basic needs, 59% of the target reaches 60% and the increase in optimism about life returns to normal with 54% achievement the target exceeds 50%.

He noted that during the current phase of the pandemic, society’s views are examined in a questionnaire to support the recovery phase and the return to a new normal life in Emirate society, and to achieve results and decisions that help strengthen the concept of recovery in society.

He pointed out that the questionnaire focused on the measures and initiatives taken by the United Arab Emirates to restore life to normal, and the first results were: 90% support the gradual return to mosques and services, 79% support employees returning to work with 100 % and 73% support returning to schools.

He pointed out that during the measures and initiatives taken by the UAE government during the recovery phase of the Covid -19 pandemic, the share of optimism among members of society in August 2021 reached 94%, compared to 34% according to the results from April 2020.


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