Monday, September 20, 2021

Côte d’Ivoire Launches €76m Bond Issue to Rehabilitate the Akouédo Landfill

The government has selected PFO Africa to rehabilitate the site. PFO  will remodel the landfill to stabilise and secure the waste while filling in gullies and creating retaining walls. The fill will also be lined with a waterproof cover, while peripheral ditches will channel run-off water to the lagoon. In addition, the fermentation of the waste will allow for the production of biogas used to generate produce electricity. PFO also plans to deploy several measures to limit pollution, including digging wells to store leachate and treating effluents before they are released into the environment.

The rehabilitated landfill site will contain a  training and documentation centre dedicated to training about 50 people in environmental management. PFO will also transform the site into a 100 hectares leisure and sports park containing volleyball, basketball and football pitches, a skateboard platform and walking tracks.

Waste from Abidjan will now be sent to the Kossihouen technical landfill and recovery centre (CVET), 26 km from Abidjan. This 100-hectare site has a storage capacity of 4 million tonnes of waste and will process over 1.2 million tonnes of waste yearly – about  90 per cent of all waste produced in the district.

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