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Côte d’Ivoire declares “no case of Ebola virus disease”

Posted on 01.09.2021 at 01:18 by APA News

Côte d’Ivoire, which announced on August 14 an Ebola epidemic, declared on August 31, 2021 a “non-case of Ebola virus disease”, following the serological results of the only case which returned negative after examination. in Lyon, France.

“The results returned negative for both PCR and serology, the government decided to classify this patient as non-case of Ebola virus disease, suddenly removing Côte d’Ivoire from the list of Ebola virus countries”, indicates a press release from the Ivorian Ministry of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage.

On August 14, 2021, the country declared an Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) epidemic following confirmation from the Institut Pasteur Laboratory of a sample taken from a patient who left Labé in Guinea on August 8, 2021 .

The latter arrived in Abidjan, the Ivorian economic capital, on August 12, 2021 where she was admitted to a health facility, isolated and diagnosed with EVD.

According to the International Health Regulations (RSI2005), the samples were also sent for confirmation in a reference laboratory which is accredited for viral haemorrhagic fevers, notes the press release, which explains that “this is how the Bio-Mérieux laboratory of Lyon, which was identified, received the samples on August 27, 2021 ”.

With regard to WHO standards, the Ivorian government had undertaken all public health actions (Surveillance, Case management, Vaccination of people at risk, prevention and control of infections in health structures) to respond to this epidemic, secure the population and stop its spread.

“The patient is now declared recovered after 2 consecutive tests, carried out on August 21 and 23, 2021 by the Laboratory of the Pasteur Institute have returned negative”, continues the text which mentions the support of partners, in particular the WHO and Guinean doctors.

As the sub-region is facing several Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Diseases, Côte d’Ivoire continues to strengthen the surveillance of its borders to be able to identify any suspected case and take all the necessary measures in accordance with the International Health Regulations (IHR2005).

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