Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Corona vaccine priority inoculation started for UAE major airline employees

UAE = United Arab Emirates, where the airport is the base of the Middle East, has started vaccination with priority for employees of major airlines working at airports, etc., and the economy is serious due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. We are in a hurry to take measures while being affected.

The UAE government has begun vaccination with priority, including ground staff and pilots working for the major government-affiliated airline “Emirates Airlines” and its affiliates, and the target population is about 80,000. is.

The vaccination began on the 18th of this month, and employees lined up at the venue at Dubai International Airport to receive the vaccine developed by the Chinese pharmaceutical company “Sinofarm.”

The UAE is the logistics and business center of the Middle East, and Dubai’s international airport has supported its development.

The government started giving priority to medical workers and the elderly from last year, but it seems that the aim is to achieve both infection control and economic control by including airline employees as such targets. I will.

An Emirates executive said, “In Dubai, an international city, employees are working on the front lines while being exposed to the risk of infection. We want to reduce the risk of infection and restore the depressed flight situation.”

The UAE has resumed accepting tourists since July last year, but in addition to the worldwide spread of the infection, the number of infected people per day is the highest ever in the country, and the economy is growing. It has been seriously hit.

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