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Case Study: Time Square Center Dubai Relies on Industry Leading Public Announcement System for Greater Customer Safety

Time Square Center now has a world-class public announcement system that is allied to the government required fire and safety system of the mall.

Times Square Center Dubai is a uniquely compact community shopping destination. The mall is located along Sheikh Zayed Road, and offers an original selection of well-known and respected international and boutique brands, to Dubai’s international population. The mall is an integral aspect of the lives of residents and office workers in the affluent Barsha and Jumeriah areas of Dubai.

Given Dubai’s strict rules and regulation, the mall has to adhere to stringent customer safety protocols, especially when it comes to public address systems and fires and safety. The mall with its unique offerings is a popular destination for Dubai residents, and it needs to make sure that customers and its tenants are kept well informed, and safe at all times.

Mock fire and safety drills which are held regularly have to pass government inspections, not to mention having a PA system that is capable of handling any challenges, especially fire or any mall evacuation events. “As a community mall, the safety of our customers is of paramount importance, not to mention all the brands, and their people who are the heart and soul of the mall. We pride ourselves in the safe environment that we constantly maintain so that our tenants can reap the benefit of a customer-preferred mall. Our facility is one of the best managed in Dubai, and we incorporate the best technologies and solutions the industry has to offer. For us when it comes to health and safety, there is no compromise, not to mention creating an ambient environment for our customers to enjoy the many benefits of the mall,” commented Abhilash Veetil, Facility Manager, Time Square Center.

Why DG+
Time Square Center needed to upgrade its aging mall speaker systems, which were at their last stages. “While speaking to many suppliers we were approached by DG+, and what they proposed clearly out-matched the other proposal in terms of requirements, both ours and the government regulators, and at a very competitive pricing,” added Veetil. As a leading solution provided and the fact that they were a tenant of Time Square Center meant that, DG+ was going to provide 24/7 support.

Time Square Center needed a solution provider who could match its ambitious plans to offer its customers and tenants the best speaker array in the world, and DG+ was clearly in a prime position to meet the demand. As the discussion progressed, we realised that DG+ could not only supply the audio system, but upgrade it and integrate it with our fires and safety protocol. This was significantly beneficial as it meant that we could now meet government regulations as well.

“In DG+ we had found the perfect partner who had not just the technological capability, but also industry prowess to deliver a state-of-the-art system that thoroughly complemented the mall,” added Veetil.

The following products and solutions were supplied by DG+

  • 80 x Ceiling Speakers (KEF CI 110 FCT)
  • 30 x Outdoor Speakers (KEF Ventura -4 Wall Mount Speakers)
  • 3 x Crown Amplifiers
  • 1 x CD Player
  • 1 x Tuner
  • 1 x HP All in PC 22 With AZAN Software
  • Speaker cables and Interconnect
  • AV rack

“The technical team at DG+ are constantly available, and always go out of their way to make sure the system is working in perfect order,” Abhilash Veetil, Facility Manager, Time Square Center.

Time Square Center now has a world class public announcement system that is allied to the government required fire and safety system of the mall. In normal times the mall has the capability to offer the perfect music to create a customer-friendly environment, and simultaneously manage any eventualities that may arise due to unexpected emergencies.

24/7 support means that any issues should they arise are quickly addressed, not to mention, well-trained mall staff, who are extremely knowledgeable. “The technical team at DG+ are constantly available, and always go out of their way to make sure the system is working in perfect order,” added Veetil.

Time Square Mall is working on other technological enhancements that are geared towards customer satisfaction, tenant gratification, and carbon-neutral accomplishments. DG+ is working with the mall management team to see how they can add value to already robust working relationships.


About DG+:
DG+ is a unique concept introduced by Sharaf DG in the year 2007 that offers some of the most elite brands in audio-visual technology to provide bespoke end-to-end installation service. DG+ takes the audio-video experience to a whole new dimension and caters to high net-worth individuals and institutions looking to set home entertainment, private theatre, gaming area etc. to their liking. Additionally, DG+ provides a
unique service that meets the need of each client and further enhances services with AV system relocation. DG+ has its standalone boutique in Times Square Centre.

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