Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Abu Dhabi Police Reduce Speed Limit on Roads in the Emirate

Abu Dhabi

With the ongoing fog enveloping the country, Abu Dhabi Police are urging motorists in the emirate to drive with caution as visibility reduces. Ensuring the safety of all road users, Abu Dhabi Police has reduced the speed limit to 80km/h on the following roads: Abu Dhabi to Al Ain, Abu Dhabi to Sweihan, Mohammed Bin Rashid and Maktoum bin Rashid between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and Al Ain to Dubai.

Drivers are urged to check the electronic information boards for updates and are reminded not to use their hazard lights while driving as this creates confusion and doesn’t allow other drivers to react in time to maneuvers and lane changes. They are also reminded to keep a safe distance from other vehicles and drive at a speed they are comfortable with.

“The Abu Dhabi Police call on motorists to exercise caution due to reduced visibility during the #fog. They are urged to follow changing speed limits displayed on electronic information boards,” social media posts issued by the police in various languages said.

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