Abu Dhabi lights up to celebrate Ramadan with more than 4,000 illuminated shapes


The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has installed decorative imageries and lights with more than 4,000 illuminated shapes across several streets, public squares, and bridges throughout the emirate as part of its preparations to welcome the holy month of Ramadan next week, with the support of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Al Ain Municipality and Al Dhafrah Region Municipality.

A significant focus of the DMT was the use of recycled materials in lighting designs and decorative structures by municipalities and the adoption of high-quality electrical connections that withstand all climatic conditions for the safety of residents and public infrastructure.

DMT highlighted UAE’s leadership for its commitment to improving the emirate’s quality of life and spreading happiness among its residents. It also extended Ramadan greetings to residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi while reminding everyone of their societal responsibility in sustaining the public appearance, joy, and atmosphere during the holy month.