Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Abu Dhabi Art launches new initiative for art enthusiasts—Friends of Abu Dhabi Art

The art scene in Abu Dhabi has been flourishing with the ever-growing community of art enthusiasts and now the capital has aims to boost the community’s strength.

Thus, Abu Dhabi Art has announced the formation of Friends of Abu Dhabi Art – an initiative to facilitate new models of public cultural generosity and help support the dynamic art eco-system in the UAE.

The Friends of Abu Dhabi Art is an art initiative created to support the dynamic art scene in the UAE. The community aims to commission new artworks for the UAE on an annual basis, enabling the production of new work by both emerging and established artists, to contribute to the local art eco-system.

Launching with an inaugural group of more than 40 dedicated cultural philanthropists, Friends of Abu Dhabi Art will this year support Abu Dhabi Art’s Beyond: Emerging Artists, curated by guest curators Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath.

Talking about the new initiative, Dyala Nusseibeh, Director, Abu Dhabi Art said, “We are hugely grateful to our Friends of Abu Dhabi Art members, who will play an integral role in supporting emerging artists from the UAE this year and engaging the wider public with their work. As a group of cultural philanthropists brought together by a shared desire to support art in the Emirates, Friends of Abu Dhabi Art will strengthen and enhance our existing Beyond: Emerging Artists programme this year in exciting new ways.”

Artists and art enthusiasts of the region can support artists and the art ecosystem in the UAE and can apply to join the initiative through their website. Members who wish to be a part of it can pay an annual fee for membership, with funds raised enabling the commissioning of new artworks through Abu Dhabi Art.

Cover Image: Abu Dhabi Art | Instagram

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