Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A Barcelona trio in love with Dubai: Here is the World Cup for Humanity

Friends planned two years ago to visit Expo 2020

  • The Spanish pavilion is at the forefront of the pavilions visited by the “Barcelona Trio”.



From Spain, the “Barcelona Trio”: Grassin, Nasi and Elia came together to attend “Expo 2020 Dubai”, considering the great international exhibition as the World Cup for humanity, as they described it.

And each of: Grassin, Nasi and Elia, confirmed to “Emirates Today”, after their tour of the exhibition, that it is the first time that they attend an event of this type, noting that they came two years ago from their city Barcelona to Dubai, on a tourist trip and planned to attend events ” Expo Dubai”, after witnessing the splendor of the beautiful city, and its wonderful capabilities on all levels.

Elia explained that she “fell in love with Dubai, after her first visit to the UAE in 2019”.

She said: “When we came to Dubai two years ago, I visited many places, while it caught my attention that it will host the (Expo 2020) events, so we immediately decided to start planning for this historic trip.”

She added: “We were ready to travel to Dubai last year, and we planned everything, but the repercussions of the emerging (Corona) virus pandemic, and the decision to postpone the (Expo 2020) activities until this year, made us postpone our travel to Dubai, especially with the negative impact.”

(Covid-19) and the closure of most airports in the countries of the world.”

While Grassin said: “He very much enjoyed his visit to the various pavilions at (Expo 2020 Dubai),” noting: “We live in Barcelona, ​​and when the event was postponed last year, we were afraid that the holding of (Expo) this year would be affected by the repercussions of the (Corona) virus. However, we found a wonderful organization of the event, taking care to implement precautionary measures, in addition to vaccinating most of the residents in the country with the (Coronavirus) vaccine.

He explained, “I visited many pavilions, most notably the Emirati, French and Spanish, and I will come again in the coming days.”

While Nasi confirmed that he did not expect “Expo 2020 Dubai” to be this splendid: “I have never attended an event of this magnitude, and frankly, it deserves to be called the World Cup for Humanity, especially since it witnesses the participation of more than 190 countries.”

He added: “Each country offers unbelievable things, but on the ground, when we saw the different ideas in a number of pavilions, we found that the idea of ​​(Expo) in general is an important event for humanity, and to preserve human life better in the coming years.”


“I enjoyed visiting the various pavilions, particularly the UAE and Spain.”


“We planned the historic trip, after our first visit to the UAE in 2019”.


“I have never attended an event of this magnitude, with the participation of more than 190 countries.”

The three friends confirmed that they found a wonderful organization for the event, with care to implement precautionary measures.

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