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6 of the best coffee shops in Dubai to work from | Live Healthy

Work from home is so 2020. In 2021, we made it back into the coffee shop. And while you already have a list of our favorites in Abu Dhabi, here is a stab at six stellar locations in Dubai.

Café Rider Custom

Cafe Rider coffee
Image by Issa Salem

Café Rider’s motto is: “To truly be original in our art, we have to be free to create.” And having used the space over several years for my creative writing, getting work done or just when I wanted a cozy unpretentious place to read, Café Rider has always lived up to this statement.

There’s a bonus if you’re into motorsports: the café also has a motorcycle workshop with quite a few sweet bikes lined up throughout the café.

Café Rider is far more industrial than numerous other spots on this list and that’s because the space is in a warehouse at Al Qouz 3, which is great for those looking for somewhere spacious. The large, comfortable sofas are also a plus; just try not to fall asleep.

Comptoir 102

Comptoir 102 Oatmeal
Image by Issa Salem

Cozy, chic, vegan, gluten-free and fashionable, Comptoir 102 is a healthy café and stylish concept store in Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road that ticks all the boxes. A quiet space with numerous power outlets, nutritious food, healthy and delicious smoothies as well as coffee — all this make Comptoir 102 a great place to work in.

Comptoir 102 is located opposite of Beach Centre and has paid public parking alongside the road.


Paper Cafe
Image courtesy of Paper

As the name implies, Paper is one of Dubai’s newest printing and branding studios. But it comes complete with a brew bar that also serves small bites, including an Acai bowl and buttered sourdough.

There are loads of power outlets throughout the café, comfy seating, and the productive sounds emanating from the printing studio are infectious — and motivating.

The café, located at the Al Safa Park Complex behind Life Pharmacy, is open from 8am until 10:30pm on weekdays and 8am until 12am on weekends. Parking is abundant and free.

Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds Reading
Image by Issa Salem

This is one of Dubai’s first and most popular specialty coffee joints. Tucked in a cozy Jumeirah neighborhood street corner and paired with a soft industrial-chic interior, vibrant atmosphere and great coffee, Stomping Grounds is an ideal choice to work from or simply to spend some time reading.

The coffee bar opens at 7.30am, with breakfast served from 8am. A variety of lunch and dinner choices are also available. Parking in the neighborhood is also free.


Image courtesy of Instagram

Aside from serving specialty coffee alongside a range of snacks and light breakfast food, Techarc is renowned for being one of Dubai’s most busy coworking spaces. And similar to Café Rider, it’s in a spacious warehouse with two levels. But the coolest thing about it are the long sheets of paper that roll out from the side of the tables, ideal for jotting down notes, sketching ideas or brainstorming with your work team.

Located in Alserkal Avenue, Techarc is also a dedicated event and workshop space. They are open daily from 9am until 11pm. Paid public parking is available outside of Alserkal’s industrial compound.

To The Moon and Back

To The Moon and Back Food
Image by Issa Salem

With a name that lives up to its surreal feel and atmosphere, To The Moon and Back is a cozy coffee shop located in the La Plage Residence building in Al Athar Street in Jumeirah. What it lack in size, it certainly makes up for through the vibrant, yet calm, atmosphere, and a variety of great food from breakfast to dinner. This cafe is most noteworthy for having one of the best Acai bowls in town, alongside a really good turkey and pastrami from The Mattar Farm.

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