Saturday, May 15, 2021

2 minute read Hitman 3 speedrunners are executing the Dubai level in record time

I am a hesitant assassin in the world of Hitman 3. I take my time. I weigh up my options. I choose my moment. I panic, I stall. I wait for that moment to loop back. And then, and only then, do I make my move.

Speedrunning is not my forte.

However, several Hitman 3 players have absolutely mastered the art of swift assassination with some astonishing speed runs of the opening Dubai level, all clocking in under 10 seconds.

One player, known as Wreak, finished the level in 9 seconds on 22nd January while Der_Lauch_Linus did the same on the 23rd January. This feat was made possible due to Dubai’s unique layout, which is multi-floored and filled with balconies. During the opening seconds of the level (not including the preliminary tutorial sequence), both targets are visible on different balconies above you. With two speedy, well-aimed shots, you can take them both out in quick succession and make a break for the exit behind you.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

This seemed to be the best possible time for a while until today when speedrunner Goron managed to hit the mark in 8 seconds.

[embedded content]

These are considered Any% runs, as per the rulings, which means that they simply have to complete the main objectives rather than 100% the level.

If you think you can beat Goron’s record then good luck to you and your thumbs/wrist because you are going to need some snappy reaction times. Good hunting, Agents.

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