Mozambique: “All we could see was roofs flying everywhere”


Monica, 28, is now sheltering with her children in a football camp. Credit: OCHA/Saviano Abreu

A football camp in the Samora Machel neighbourhood of Dondo, a few kilometres from Beira, is now providing shelter to dozens of people who lost their homes when the Tropical Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique on 14 March. Children continue to run and play everywhere, but they no longer have any sports equipment. Instead, they are surrounded by tents shared by families that just a few days ago had a place to call home.

Monica, a 28-year-old single mother, lives in one of these tents with her three children. When the strong wings started, she was having dinner with the kids. “My house was made of mud with metal-sheets in the roof. The roof was blown off, and everything started to get wet. I had no option but flee with my kids”.

They spent that night in one of the schools that had been turned into a shelter. “I was scared. All I could do was take my children and run, and as we kept running, all we could see was roofs flying everywhere”. The following morning, Monica went back home hoping to recover her food stock and belongings, to find only ruins of what used to be her home, all her belongings buried in the mud.

“We are hungry”

“We lost everything. We are hungry. We need help”, Felizberto told us. Credit: OCHA/Rita Maingi

Just like Monica, Felizberto Fernando didn’t believe the storm would be so strong. He lost his house and now depends on humanitarian aid to survive. “The problem we have here is hunger. We are hungry. We are suffering. We need help”. Humanitarian organizations and the government started food distributions in the area, but the needs are dire, and more funding is urgently needed.

Humanitarian organizations are appealing for $281.7 million to meet the most immediate needs arising from Cyclone Idai in the coming months.

Donate to the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to help us provide life-saving assistance, such as food, water, medical supplies and shelter, to the people of Mozambique.


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