GMO mosquitoes in Burkina: The safeguards are respected (researchers) (AIB)


Ouagadougou, The Delegate General of the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research (CNRST), Roger Nébié assured that the safeguards on the Target Malaria Project were respected, then leaders of the civil society oppose the use genetically modified mosquitoes in the fight against malaria.

For the general delegate of the National Center for Scientific Research and Technology (CNRST), Roger Nébié, Burkina Faso has all the legal provisions, the safeguards necessary to ensure the Target Malaria Project.

"At every stage, you have to go to the National Biosafety Agency to expose the problem. The expert committee assesses the risk. If he is high, he will never allow it. It is mandatory to go through this agency for everything related to GMOs, "he said in an interview published Wednesday by the daily newspaper Sidwaya

According to him, the researchers do not exclude anything and always make experiments respecting the safeguards, codes of ethics.

Since the announcement of the release of genetically modified mosquitoes, supposed to help eradicate malaria, civil society actors have repeatedly demonstrated the risk that these GMOs will become vectors of other more serious diseases.

"We are in an experimental phase and it is a controlled environment. To cut short the controversy, it must be emphasized that it is male mosquitoes that are concerned, but they do not sting the man. We have been taught since primary school that it is the female mosquitoes that bite and transmit malaria (Malaria), "said Roger Nébié.

As a reminder, genetically modified mosquitoes were exported from Imperial College London to Burkina Faso in November 2016. They are currently kept in premises for "confined use" in Bobo-Dioulasso (West). The experiments are conducted by a consortium called Target Malaria.

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