Morocco’s Consumer Price Index Down 0.8% in July


Rabat – Morocco’s High Commission for Planning (HCP) has announced that the consumer price index  (CPI) fell by 0.8% in July compared with the previous month.

The drop in the price consumer index is due to the decline of the food index by 2.0% and the non-food index by 0.1%.

The Core inflation indication (ISJ) fell by 0.2 % in one month but went up 1.3 % annually, HCP said.

HCP  explained that the decreases in food products between June and July 2019 mainly concern vegetables (8.1%), 4.3% for seafood, 3.6% for fruits, 1.7% for meat, and 0.5% for milk, cheese, and eggs. 

With regards to non-food products, the decline mainly concerned fuel prices and stood at 1.0%.

HCP found that the largest decrease in the consumer price index was recorded in Beni-Mellal with 2.1%, in Meknes with 2.0%, Al Hociema with 1.6%, Fez with 1.4%.

Decreases in the CPI  were also recorded in Kenita, Oujda, and Settat with 1.3%, Guelmim with 1.1%, anyone with 1.0%, and in Tetouan and Tangier with 0.7%.

HCP also compared July’s 2019 consumer price index with that of 2018. The figures indicate that the consumer price index rose 0.3% in July 2019 compared with the same period of the previous year due to the rise in the non-food product index by 0.9 % and the decline of that of food products by 0.5%.

CPI evaluates prices of goods and services, including  medical care, food, and transportation


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