Morocco Produced 35% of its Electricity from Renewables in 2018


Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – Morocco produced 35% of its electricity from solar and hydroelectric sources, it was a further goal of 52% renewables by 2030, but now hopes to go even faster. In contrast, the US is only one of the most polluting of the fossil fuels.

Although most people think of when they hear the phrase "Middle East," they'd be wrong. Many Middle Eastern countries have little or no fossil fuel deposits. Morocco is one of those resources-poor countries and it has to spend its limited monetary resources to import hydrocarbons like oil and natural gas. So indigenous, free, sources of power such as solar, wind and hydro are worth to Morocco.

Morocco is a country of some 35 million. They are also known to be third-country manufacturers, and they have been successful in the United Kingdom. With its inexpensive labor, Morocco offers investment opportunities.

The Moroccan government has been deliberately building up renewables, starting from a low base in 2010. It's in a big concentrating solar installations in Ouarzazat, near Sahara Desert (if you've seen HBO's 'Game of Thrones' you've seen Ouarzazat) . Atlantic coastline. And it has substantial hydro-electric power, which it is expanding.

Just one of the concentrated solar installations at Ouarzazat is over 500 megawatts, the name plate of a small nuclear plant, and there are three of them now. The two most recently built are among the largest solar farms in the world.

More solar farms are planned, along with several 200 megawatts each, which are beginning to cooperate with one another.

The planned Noor-Midelt I and II solar PV installations will be able to generate about 800 megawatts a year. In Morocco, with its abundant sunshine and modest average home, a megawatt can probably power about 800 households.

What is remarkable is that a centuries-old line of monarchs in Morocco is taking place in the face of green energy, even at the risk of offending Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Oil states.

And what is sad on the green energy, the leadership of Morocco is more than the United States.

Video bonus:

Solar energy in Morocco | DW Documentary (Renewable energy documentary)

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