Monsignor Benjamin Ndiaye, Archbishop of Dakar: “The president must show the maturity of the senegalese people”


The archevêquedeDakar has done, yesterday Friday, a visit
pastoral care in Guédiawaye. On the occasion, Monsignor Benjamin Ndiaye gave an idea of his homily during the Christmas mass.

?In my homily, I will come back to electoral deadlines. The president must show the maturity of the senegalese people to be able to live peaceful elections, transparent and democratic“, informed the head of the church in senegal. In his opinion,
to meet this challenge, ?it is up to each of us to accept its civic responsibility to preserve the common good that belongs to all of us, a nation that was peaceful where the citizens are able to discuss, enpaix, their differences and accept as
the game loyal to the democracy

According to his explanations, sonhomélie is part of the message of the Pope
Francis for the 1st of January next, as a prelude to the world Day of
the peace of which the theme is ‘The policy at the service of peace“.

?I’ve been up to believing that the Pope would have even written this letter to the Senegalese in view of the upcoming elections. This is to say that it is a reference where we can
find a lot of wisdom, to live the next years deadlines without passion, in truth, in the love of our country and in the respect of each other
“, argued the religious.

In addition, the archbishop has pronounced on the sell-off of the coastline which has shaken this part of the suburbs of dakar. He expressed his support to the defenders of the coast. ?I am joined in this cry of the heart that is launched, because it is the duty of everyone to preserve this common good,” he argued, while promising the support of the church. ?I retained the compelling need for us, as members of the church, the christian community, bring us closer to the relevant services. Don’t wait for people to come to us, let us go to them,
when we are instructed by the community. But will also to them as citizens(…)’
, ‘added Bishop.

Before concluding:? Do not believe that it is the church that must always be behind you to push you. Take a part of your identity of a citizen to move forward.



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