Monrovia Middle School Fundraising For New Soccer Uniforms


MONROVIA, CA – The boys and girls soccer teams at Monrovia Middle School are fundraising for new soccer uniforms. Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School soccer teams both have "outdated, ill-fitting uniforms" that have been used for more than ten years, the fundraiser says.

Uniforms are approximately $ 25 per student, and 50 uniforms are needed, according to the GoFundMe.

"The Cougar athletes play with a lot of heart and are very deserving of new uniforms!" one wrote.

"I believe it 'takes a village to make things better." Also, youth sports are hugely important for our kids and community.

The team got their new uniforms for their final two games, but they still need to raise $ 800 more to pay for them, according to a fundraiser update.

To read more about donating to the soccer teams, visit the GoFundMe fundraising page.

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