Modernization of justice in Algeria: Ms. Belloubet "impressed by the speed" of the process


The French Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, said yesterday in Algiers, "impressed by the speed" of the process of modernization of the justice sector in Algeria.

"I am impressed by the speed with which the process of modernizing the justice sector in Algeria has been put in place. I had heard about it and wanted to see how it was done, because we are in France building this type of modernization which is very complex, "Belloubet told the press, on the sidelines of her visit to headquarters of the Directorate General of Modernization of Justice. "We have difficulties in France to achieve this result in such a short time," she also told the Director General of Modernization, Akka Abdelhakim, who provided him with explanations on the main axes of this process. A process of which it will raise "the indispensability" for a "more effective and faster" justice for the benefit of the magistrates and the citizens, on the one hand and for a justice "more transparent and more easily accessible" to the citizens, on the other hand share. The French Minister of Justice has been particularly "interested" in the computerized and intranet system, which allows the justice sector to "centralize and digitize" all its data and archives, the oldest of which date back to 1801. Mr Akka informed his host that nearly 1,000 officials reporting "all from the Ministry of Justice", are working to implement this process of computerization, initiated since 2014, including 100 engineers developers working "to full-time ".



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