Mauritania: more than 70 political parties dissolved


The Ministry of Interior and Decentralization of Mauritania has dissolved, by decree, 76 political parties, it was found Wednesday in Nouakchott.

This measure was justified by the application of a recent law extorting the right of legal existence from any political party which does not obtain a score of at least 1% of the votes in two successive municipal elections or which do not not participate.

The Ministry of the Interior considered, in its decision making, the last two municipal elections of 2013 and 2018.

The decree in question provided the list of the disbanded parties with their respective scores at these two polls.

With this dissolution, the number of political parties in Mauritania rose from 103 to just 27.

This is an "arbitrary" measure, denounced many political parties dissolved, considering that it was not taken on objective criteria.

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